The Beginning

August 18, 2013 my life changed more than I ever thought it would. I thought it was a normal day at work, boy was I wrong. One little slip would change my life forever. In just under 2 weeks I will undergo my 2nd spinal surgery directly related to that fall over 2 years ago. I decided to start a blog to share my life lessons I have learned as a chronic pain patient. Lucky for you, I have a sense of humor so I am going to put a twist on stuff where I can, and try to keep it as light as possible. I’m starting this blog to share information and maybe shed light on what life is like when you live in constant pain.

One little slip…I was first given a diagnosis of soft tissue damage in the lumbar region and sent for physical therapy. The exercises would sometimes help, sometimes make me worse. This back and forth drove me crazy because I had swelling right above my tailbone which made sleeping near impossible, but the doctor never wanted to really listen, nor exam me. I was at the mercy of workman’s compensation of course since the accident happened at work. So I went for months until April 2014 being told that I had soft tissue damage. I went into large amounts of debt to get an MRI after my workplace denied my workman’s comp claim, but I still needed to know what was wrong with my back. Legally I had to keep seeing the same doctor about my back until he released me from his care and he continued to tell me soft tissue damage and the MRI was normal, etc. At this point I thought I was going crazy with pain. I hurt all the time, I never got a good night’s rest because I was in pain and the only doctor I can see keeps telling me I will get better with time.

May 2014 is when things FINALLY began to turn around for me. I saw my family doctor who sent me to a spinal specialist who informed me that my MRI was far from normal. I cried. They were not tears of sadness but tears of pure joy. He got me set up for some testing and found I have 2 torn lumbar discs that require at least 1 spinal fusion surgery. So we schedule the surgery for September 2014.

This is where I am going to pause, but no worries, I have lots more to say.


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