Anyone especially those suffering from Fibromyalgia will recognize the battle with insomnia, I wish I could blame my chronic pain for my insomnia, but this bad boy, I’ve had for a lot longer. Growing up I have always been more of a night person than a morning person. I would much rather stay up later and sleep in than the opposite. Christmas mornings I can promise you my sisters and brother beat me to the stockings and tree! Mom would make them wait to open gifts until I was up, or until 8am..which usually around 8am one of the 3 would come wake me up. The stockings were fair game however!

Since hurting my back I have become somewhat of a morning person because I seem to have more energy in the mornings, so I try to do the couple of tasks I want done each day first thing and then the rest of the day is spent resting. Sleeping is uncomfortable most nights, I toss and turn trying to find that perfect spot where my legs won’t spasm and my back doesn’t hurt and I can just sleep peacefully…well as peacefully as I can these days. Then pretty much like clockwork around 7am my body goes okay it’s time to be awake, doesn’t matter what time I went to bed the night before, 7am is wake up time….oh how I miss the days of sleeping in!

Last night I was tired, but not tired. Even after trying to lay down I was awake a lot longer than I should have been before falling asleep. And even though I had gone to bed around midnight and probably fallen asleep around 12:30am, 6:45am and my body said good morning. I’m hoping for a nap today.

When you have sleep disorders naps can be a double edged sword. You know you need to sleep because you are so tired, but you also do not want to sleep too much during the day for fear you will throw off your natural sleep cycle and throw your body into a lot longer period of insomnia than a night or two. So I set an alarm so I don’t sleep more than 20 minutes when I nap because I know if I don’t I can and will sleep for a couple hours which can start my wanting to stay up all night cycle all over again.


2 thoughts on “Insomnia

    1. trompetaz Post author

      I set an alarm when I nap because I have to, if I do not set an alarm I will sleep 2+ hours which then means I am up all night long. Setting a routine was also really important for me now that I cannot work. Going to bed at a set time and getting up at a set time has really helped.



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