Even little tasks are daunting

Before all this started I never thought much about taking out the trash, washing a load of clothes, sweeping the floor or clearing the kitchen table, but now all of those simple tasks feel like monster chores. Washing dishes have always been my Achilles heel, I actually have a sign on the cabinet that reads “I like hugs..I like kisses…but what I love is help with the dishes.” When I was looking for a house to buy one of my number one criteria was either it came with a dishwasher or it had a hook up for a dishwasher because I HATE washing dishes by hand. I had no idea 6 years ago how important a dishwasher would become.

Our trash service comes twice a week which is nice because the trash doesn’t pile up, but the task of taking the bag from the kitchen outside can be enough to warrant a 20 minute rest break some days. After I have surgery it will be awhile before I can even take the trash out. It’s the little things you don’t think about that causes pain and pure exhaustion right now.

I definitely get frustrated at having to take so many breaks and realizing that a task that would take my wife maybe 20 minutes just took me over an hour to complete makes me shake my head, but I have come to realize that slow and steady wins the race. When I push myself is when I get myself in trouble and then end up on the couch with the heating pad and then I get nothing accomplished and that really doesn’t help. So I do a little and rest, do a little more and rest. My wife understands I do what I can when I can, and she helps in the evenings and on the weekend. We are a team and we work together. I am very lucky to have a supportive spouse who understands that I am not lazy.


2 thoughts on “Even little tasks are daunting

    1. trompetaz Post author

      Absolutely! My wife has been awesome through everything, and without her support I would not be as positive and upbeat about everything. Having a support network is so important.



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