Whatcha going to do?

It’s already hard enough when your back doesn’t want to cooperate with you, but what happens when your knees decide they’ve had enough too?? You smile and think at least I’m still upright…well with a lean. I actually had a doctor describe that to another doctor, Jenn leans, get rid of that. I had to chuckle. In case you are wondering, on my bad days I still lean. I guess it is because of the pain, and the nerve damage, but I tend to lean to one side. I don’t realize it usually until I see myself in a mirror and then I realize I’m doing it again, and I try to be more conscious about how I am walking.

But in all the pain I am in today the bright side was getting the mail and finding a coupon for FREE CHOCOLATE!! Yup you read that right! I won a free candy bar and the coupon came today. If I could drive I would have gone to get it for sure! I try to look at the bright side every day, it helps to keep me from crying about what I can’t control.

So today I am grateful for free chocolate because everyone knows free food tastes better!


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