Alex, I’ll take stiff as a board for 100….

I woke up this morning and I think every joint in my body cracked…I’m too young for this! I had to brace my knee yesterday due to the pain, and I’m feeling today is going to be a repeat. I’m hoping a warm cup of coffee will help me feel better, I mean coffee cures everything right?? I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and that is all the caffeine I allow myself due to my myriad of sleep issues at night. Yesterday I was so exhausted from my big trip into the city that when I got home I slept for 2 hours which I never do, and when it came to be bedtime I fell asleep at my normal time and slept pretty soundly which was a small miracle.

I’ve suffered from sleep issues for so long and usually it is not being able to sleep verses sleeping too much, but since I have been injured and it seems like all I ever want to do is sleep which usually then causes me to want to stay up all night long which causes other health related problems. So I have really tried to stay on a schedule to help me stay somewhat sane these last 2 years. I try and go to bed at the same time every night and I tend to wake up at the same time every morning. I do not set an alarm for the morning, but my wife does, and if I have not already gotten up before her alarm, I usually get up when her alarm goes off.

This morning her alarm went off and I stretched and all I felt where snap, crackles and pops and I thought I really ate too much of that cereal growing up! We know that I have osteoarthritis in my knees, and fibromyalgia so with the two of those running rampant in my body its no wonder I always feel the snap, crackles and pops in the morning. The osteoarthritis in my knees has gotten so bad that often especially in the winter time you can hear my knees pop when I stand up. They tried putting cortisone shots in both knees and when you can’t walk after that happens you are not a happy camper. Trust me on this one! I was not riding into the sunset singing happy trails.

That all being said today I am going to take a rest day, chill out with Netflix laugh at the cat. Her name is Creme, she has this stuffed animal that she treats like a kitten so she meows at it and its pretty funny to watch.


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