Oh Where Is My Hairbrush???

At 6:57am I finally decided I had officially lost the battle with fibromyalgia and I would just get out of bed. She had won this time. It was probably about 10 minutes prior to this decision when I awoke from a very peaceful slumber to the feeling of a hairbrush under my right hip. A very prickly, pointy I am going to break said invisible hairbrush in half sort of feeling under my right hip, now if it had been lower I probably wouldn’t have felt it because I have no feeling in my thigh really. Nope, it had to be my hip. I was fully aware there was no hairbrush on my bed and this was all in my nerves that just didn’t feel like cooperating with me today. I also had Larry the cucumber from VeggieTales in my head singing his silly song, which didn’t help the situation, but was rather amusing! So I in a last stitch effort to sleep a little longer, flip to my back….

OH HECK NO!!! Yeah did not help, pretty sure my knees popped, back probably cracked and that was even more uncomfortable than thinking you had a hairbrush under your hip. So I decided to raise the white flag, and get up. I pulled off my oh so sexy CPAP mask, turned off the machine, and got up for the day. This is definitely a day where I think I need a cup of coffee to make my cup of coffee. I also decide that I need a shower in hopes that calms my nerves a bit….

Showers sometimes help, sometimes don’t. Today it didn’t make a huge improvement overall. I feel really stiff still, so I think it didn’t really matter. I also have a migraine today so my head is pounding in all this so I really just feel like crawling back into bed, but then I remember the invisible hairbrush ready to attack me again and decide against it. I’ll probably try to lay down later on my wife’s side..maybe the hairbrush won’t follow me…

The tricky part about nerve pain is it makes NO SENSE whatsoever! You can get nerve pain anywhere in your body. For me it tends to be in my legs, arms and my neck/shoulders which is pretty typical of fibromyalgia patients ( Mayo Clinic’s page on Fibromyalgia ) but what really hurts is when I get the nerve pain in my right thigh that I have no feeling in. Yes you read that correctly. My right thigh has been numb since my surgery (September 2014) but I can feel the nerve pain and its the worse because my thigh is numb, so its a combination of nerve pain and phantom pains at the same time. I am really praying that this next surgery will help with that. If nothing else if I could get relief for just that pain I would be a really happy camper!


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