I like hugs..I like kisses..but what I love is help with the dishes!

Anyone with chronic pain will tell you that housework is a pain. For me dishes have always been my Nemesis when it comes to housework. I hate washing dishes by hand. My dishwasher is my favorite appliance when it comes to house work! I can stand at the sink and wash about 4 dishes before I need to sit and take a break on a good day, on a bad day I don’t even try.

We are trying to get the house ready for my surgery so we are getting everything cleaned up and making sure everything is in the right place. I won’t be able to bend down at all, not that I bend down much now, but after surgery I won’t bend at all. I have a grabber to assist in picking items up. The first few nights I’ll sleep in our guest bedroom because I can’t sleep well and I toss and turn and this way my wife gets some sleep. The bathroom is also attached to that bedroom so I don’t have to walk very far if I have to get up in the middle of the night. If I need anything I just call my wife on her cell phone. I’m being totally serious too! 2am I need something, or need help I’ll call her on her cell and she’ll come help me. She’s my rock. She has been a huge support through this all and without her I don’t think I would have the same upbeat attitude. We get to laugh and sometimes we cry, but overall we laugh and joke and she is there when I’m overwhelmed. She’s the one who will help me with the dishes and pick things up when I can’t. She’s an amazing cook too! I love it on the weekends when she volunteers to cook for us. We really do take turns and have a partnership.


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