The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plains

It’s raining here today which we need the rain BADLY. My tomatoes need the rain, my asthma on the other hand is disagreeing with me on the need for rain, and my joints seem to be agreeing with the asthma side. I imagine a picket line in my body where the different systems are holding up signs saying “Yay RAIN! and NAY Rain!” I am happy for the rain because now the wife doesn’t have to go outside and water the garden and use the water we pay for to water the tomatoes.

All that being said, I want to be up and moving, and I know I should be up and moving but all the aches and pains makes sitting on the couch all that more enticing! Last night I went to bed with leg spasms in my right leg, and nerve pain really bad in my numb thigh. The hardest part is explaining to people how I get sharp shooting pains in a numb thigh, but trust me it gets to bad I just want to take a knife and start stabbing it (I won’t I promise), The pain is maddening!

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my upcoming surgery and the spinal chord stimulator implant and I told her that I did not come to the decision lightly. My wife and I have had hours and hours of discussion and research before coming to this decision. I have done hours of physical therapy, I have tried the epidural shot in my back which made things worse, we’ve tried heat therapy, cold therapy, pain cream, etc. If this wasn’t a last resort for me I wouldn’t be doing this.

I don’t think anyone who has a spinal chord stimulator goes into the decision lightly. The process to even get one is long, you have to have a psychological evaluation, then you go through a trial process to see how it works for you, then you can have the surgery to get the implant. The success rate for pain relief is still low even with all that. We are hoping that I get some pain relief from the spinal chord stimulator. This is not going to be the miracle cure for me, I just need something. There are possible complications and every 8-10 years you have to go back in to have the battery replaced. Yup, I am going to have a battery surgically placed in me after Wednesday, which means I can no longer have MRIs. I will also have to carry around a card telling people I have one. I might set off the security detectors at shops. This is going to be a fun adventure! Yup I just said adventure.

After all I have gone through I just need some relief from the constant pain, even if it’s just a little relief at this point, some is better than none. Last night as my leg kept shaking, and I had sharp shooting pains in my numb thigh I kept telling myself Wednesday is only a few more days. Just a little bit longer. So today I am going to curl up with the cat, put the heating pad on my back to try and calm down the back pain, maybe help with the spams and nerve pain, and watch a movie or two because today is about self care.


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