No Nap for You!

I was very tired today, so I think I’ll just take a little nap. I mean I was sitting on the sofa falling asleep, so I should fall asleep easily, right? Well I fell asleep, but staying asleep was another matter. I was able to sleep about 20 minutes and then nerve pain woke me up and my leg spasmed and I realized I was going to lose the battle of the nap, and decided that the little nap I took was all I was getting!

That was okay, I mean I did get some sleep, my head hit the pillow and I was out pretty quickly which the worse days are those were I am so super tired and I can’t sleep. I lay down and I can’t sleep at all. I toss and turn and it drives me CRAZY. Nothing worse than wanting to sleep and not being able to, especially when you don’t get quality sleep at night. I wake multiple times at night due to pain, and I have excessive daytime sleepiness.

So I will accept my 20 minute nap today and continue my countdown until surgery.


One thought on “No Nap for You!

  1. Michelle

    I MUST take a nap sometime between 1 – 3 every day. My fibro makes my body and brain shut down and if I don’t take a nap, or at least attempt to take a nap, functioning in the afternoon is impossible. I get so exhausted. I head up for my nap, and some days I can’t sleep, but I’m still so exhausted. So frustrating, I agree! Drives me crazy too.

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