K- Well, Potassium to you too!

So on August 28th I had blood work done for my upcoming surgery. I get a call from the doctor’s office that my potassium is low. CRAP! I have high blood pressure and like millions of other people I take a diuretic to help control said blood pressure but with this medication you have to watch your potassium. So the doctor puts me on a prescription potassium pill, so I’ve been taking it with a meal ever since. So yesterday I went to get my blood work done with the hopes that my potassium would be back in the normal levels and I could stop taking this HORSE-PILL. Yeah no such luck…..

The nurse says to me well your potassium levels are better, but since you are on the diuretic he wants you do continue taking the potassium pill once a day. *le sigh* Okay, thank you very much. So I guess I’m stuck with this ginormous pill for awhile longer. UGH! Which also means that he is going to be asking me to have my blood work done again soon, which means the lab techs are really going to start hating me. It’s one thing when I’m there every 6 months, its another when they have to start seeing me more often than that!

But I smile and think there are worse things in life, we had already made a more conscious effort to eat more potassium rich foods at every meal, and we will continue to do that. It won’t be long before I can stop taking this huge pill and things will be back to normal.

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