I’m baaaccck!

Finally got to bounce from the hospital! I had excellent nurses this go round which made a big difference. Got excellent post-op care. I did have a picc line this time which made the IV much easier. I was laughing with the tech because he said I didn’t scream or fuss really, and I go oh I’m sorry if you wanted me to scream you needed to tell me before you were poking me! LOL Can’t tell me after the fact oh yeah you were supposed to scream and make a fuss! Can’t go back, haven’t found a blue police box yet! I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a picc line, but it did made life a LOT easier.

PT and OT were good. Got to practice going up and down the stairs, walking the halls, I’m not one to stay in bed for a long time, I like to get up and moving soon after surgery. I feel better if I am up and moving. Plus if I am up and moving I get all the junk out of my lungs from surgery and I feel better faster. That’s always a plus too! I am using the spinal chord stimulator a bit, its nice to have that option right now. It really is magical!

I want to keep going on and on about everything that’s happened, but the sleep fairies are making my eyelids heavy.


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