Only in the hospital do they high five you for farting

So only in the hospital do they get excited when you fart, poop and other bodily functions. I mean in your normal daily life no one wants to know you pooped today. Although you can buy a shirt! Any time you have surgery the nurses will ask you if you have pooped or you have passed gas, and I actually had a nurse high five me when I said I had farted! It made me laugh. I know how important those functions are especially after surgery, we normally don’t think about them unless we are in a situation where we do NOT want to fart and we are trying to do anything BUT FART.

As kids we come up with all sorts of the sayings about the one that smelt it dealt it, etc. As adults we are horrified if we fart, especially a smelly fart around other people. But after surgery you can really get a nurse excited by telling them you’ve farted, and you might get a balloon if you’ve pooped! Okay, okay now I’m being ridiculous, but it is really important that all those systems get moving after surgery.

So now that all my potty humor is flushed out….hahaha..I couldn’t help myself! I am feeling okay. I have been using the stimulator program. Which has been nice because I am not taking as many pain pills because I have the stimulator (which was the whole POINT of the stimulator). I am sleeping a lot better which is great. I am still getting up in the middle of the night, but hey I’m not a week out yet! I am really thankful to my family who has been helping me out. Last night I was super carsick and my Mom and her friend came over so I could take a quick shower so they could change the dressings over my incisions. Unfortunately for them I got terribly carsick after my shower and a little green. It’s not easy being greeeen……hahaha okay back to the story! After some mint tea and sucking on some peppermint candy we got the dressings changed and PJs on and then I went to BED!

Best medicine right now for me is LOTS OF REST! But I am feeling okay overall. I am really loving having the stimulator implant.


2 thoughts on “Only in the hospital do they high five you for farting

  1. Michelle

    You crack me up! I’m glad things are going well. I haven’t heard of the stimulator before. Point me to the post where you first talked about it so you don’t have to repeat yourself. It’s wonderful that your wife and mom are so supportive to help you through this time. πŸ™‚


    1. trompetaz Post author

      I aim to please! Someone on FB made a comment about if only they could bottle up my attitude and sell it! LOL If you go back one post and read In Sickness and Health and a Rainbow 2 x 4 there is a link to St. Jude which you can click to learn about the spinal cord stimulator I just had implanted. πŸ™‚

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