Carsick, seasick and a box of peppermint candy

So after last year’s surgery I would get horribly carsick (best way to describe it). I have always dealt with motion sickness since I was a child. So that was nothing new, but I would get in the car and I would go somewhere and then I would be carsick the rest of the day! That was not fun! I mean who wants to go for an 8am appointment and still be carsick at 10pm? NOT I! So after several referrals I met with my neurologist who explained everything to me and got me on a medicine that it took us 6 months (January 2015-June 2015) to get the vertigo, and loss of balance in check. So I then go and have another surgery! YAY ME! I really should get a t-shirt! I mean come on! It should say something witty about I just got my balance back and I went under the knife again!

Of course the neurological symptoms don’t show up right away..haha of course! So on Sunday I start to get carsick, and I did not go anywhere boooo I mean at least I should get the car ride to go with the sick right? So I have my wife call my Mom to come over because I need my dressings changed, but I’m going to have to shower and we know from previous experience that the shower and I don’t get along when I’m carsick. So Mom and her nurse friend come over. Mom helps me in the shower, I take a pretty quick shower. I get out of the shower and Mom is taking off the old dressings, but I can feel myself swaying. I mean I should have at least had a beer in my hand and a sailor’s hat on for all this! Maybe I should have started singing some drinking songs, or sea shanties! Anyhow we move everything into the other room so I can sit and her friend comments on my normally pale coloring is turning green and suggests I close my eyes. I go OOOOOHHHHH NOOOO and my eyes get as big as alien saucers and I explain that if I close my eyes I’m out for the count. So she asks about mint tea and my wife hops up and makes me some mint tea and she asks if we have any peppermint candy and at first we didn’t think we did. So I try to control my breathing which isn’t as easy as you might think.

I mean I know that I am sitting in a chair in a still room, but my brain is very much convinced that I just did a 3 hour tour with the professor, Gilligan and Mary Ann. The room is spinning a bit in between sips of tea, I’m trying to remind myself not to close my eyes which of course is everyone’s normal recourse when such things happen. Mom is almost done getting everything changed. Then my wife found some peppermint candy and that seemed to calm the seven seas.

So I’ve upped my morning dose of my neurological medicine (like my physician said I could) and I will see him in a couple weeks to report back how the surgery went and all that fun. But I can say I definitely did not book a three hour tour, nor did I voluntarily go and the professor, Gilligan and Mary Ann can stuff it the next time they try to take me on said tour!


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