2 Benedryls and More Cream and I’ll still scratch if I want to!!!

So I have weird allergies, I’ve known this for a LOOONG time. Well apparently I am allergic to the steri strips they put over my incisions so I have a lovely rash on my back. Plus I have a rash from the adhesive from the covering over my picc line to make sure it stayed in place. So I am trying desperately NOT to scratch. I’m about ready to duct tape oven mitts to my hands like they do to kids with chicken pox!

The issue with me and benedryl is that it hypes me up verses puts me to sleep. So I take it and I’m ready to run a marathon…okay I don’t run. Actually if you see me running you better start running because something bad is definitely in progress like zombie apocalypse bad. I once had a doctor tell me I had the heart of a marathon runner, I just needed to lose the weight so I had a body to match and I looked at him and go sooo how about I do nothing and we call it even? He just shook his head.

Overall I am healing nicely, besides the rash, everything else is good. We are using creams and antihistamines to try and get the rash to go away. I am going to set up an appointment to have my stimulator programmed next week so I have more than 1 program to chose from for pain management. Life is good. Surgery went well. I haven’t fallen overboard yet. I am still a little off kilter. Showers still make me a bit queasy, but we’re working on that too. Can’t complain because overall I’m GOOOOD!

2 thoughts on “2 Benedryls and More Cream and I’ll still scratch if I want to!!!

    1. trompetaz Post author

      They know I have a latex allergy. It’s already in my chart. Its the adhesive. When I had my knee surgery several years ago the outpatient surgical place was giving me grief about saying I had a latex allergy and it not being “officially” documented by a doctor. The pediatrician who documented it, those records had gotten lost somewhere. So I went to my allergist and he officially diagnosed me so it was in my charts again in 2008. So the hospital knew that from my surgery last year. Plus it was all over my chart this year from me repeating it over and over, plus the red allergy band they make me wear, etc.



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