Would you like some coffee to go with your cream?

So this morning I got up made the usual pot of liquid gold… I mean coffee. After the wife headed off to work I decide I am feeling up to making scrambled eggs. The frying pan is in the drainer so I can reach it, this shouldn’t be a problem! Famous last words! hahaha

So I pull out the frying pan, I pull out the oil, eggs, a bowl, fork and I’m thinking I’m good to go. I get the frying pan going. I get the eggs scrambled. I decide to pour myself another cup of coffee last one for the day. THIS WAS MY MISTAKE!! So I drink my coffee with half and half. So if I pour a cup of coffee then the next logical action will be to walk over to the refrigerator to pull out the half and half and return to pour it into the cup of coffee. This morning I return to the counter where my coffee mug is sitting next to the bowl of eggs waiting to be poured into my frying pan and I pour the half and half into the bowl of eggs…..

YIKES! Now there is nothing wrong with adding a SMALL amount of half and half to eggs when you cook them, but I have add the coffee amount to my bowl…I take the fork to see how bad the damage is and decide the only way to possibly salvage the eggs is to add another egg. I laugh at my mistake because why cry over a little half and half, realize the half and half never got into my coffee, so I carefully pour the half and half into the COFFEE MUG this time, and return to the refrigerator to put the half and half safely away and pull out another egg for breakfast.

So I start thinking about my Grampa Wes and his love of milk in his coffee. So back in the day a glass of milk was a dime and a cup of coffee was a nickel and yes this is vital to my story to remember those amounts. So Grampa would order a cup of coffee but would tell whoever was pouring to stop leaving a LOT of room in the cup so he could fill the rest of the cup up with milk/cream. So one time the guy behind the counter looks at him and goes “Wes next time you want coffee flavored milk let me know, and I’ll just leave a little room in the milk for you to add the coffee!” So we like our coffee with more milk/cream than most!

So back to my eggs, I mixed in another egg and they are still not quite right, but I figure better than before and I pour them into my pan. Well now the issue is that my pan is really too small for 3 eggs plus half and half, but I decide I’ll make it work. So I’m scrambling my eggs and I accidentally toss some out of the pan onto the glass top stove…oops! So I get a paper-towel and try to clean that mess up before it dries, in my attempt to clean it I end up spilling some right down the front of the range onto the floor. Earlier in the year we had 2 cats, Nicco would have come running and ate the eggs off the floor for me, Creme will not touch people food. Nicco passed away over the summer he was 16 years old and his time had come. So I’m thinking can I trick Creme into eating these eggs off the floor for me? So I get a couple cat treats and drop them strategically over the eggs. Trust me this is much harder than it sounds when you cannot bend.

So Creme hearing me dropping her cat treats comes rushing over and she takes one look at the eggs and she looks up at me like “Gurl, you crazy!” she takes her paw, pushes the cat treats away from the eggs and eats the cat treats leaving the eggs in place… well you can’t blame me for trying!

So I’ll have to wait for my Mom to come over to help clean the front of the range off and the floor, and my eggs were delicious. Sometimes you just roll with what life gives you and laugh because why cry over misdirected half and half?

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