Don’t mind the oven mitts duct taped to my hands

So I really want to itch the rash on my back, but we all know that is not a good thing to do. So I called my surgeon this morning and explained the situation to the nurse. She said that she would send him a note, but he was in surgery today. So around noon a get the best call of the day, the surgeon has called in a prescription to hopefully STOP the itching!!! WHOOOOOOOO. Trust and believe this really was the best call all day long.

So my beautiful wife went to the pharmacy and got the steroid prescription for me and I have taken my first dose and I have to convince myself that I am no longer itchy because I have the prescription. Otherwise we are duct taping the oven mitts back on and those are really hard to type in!

Apparently Invisible Illness week is coming up. I really do think it is important to bring to light how many invisible illnesses people suffer from because education is important. Education is important because that’s how people learn about different symptoms, and sometimes people figure out what is wrong with them. I have known people to suffer for years and then they met someone and that person has an illness and similar symptoms and boom the person goes back to their medical team asks about that specific illness, has the appropriate tests run and we have a diagnosis.

It’s hard when you have invisible illnesses and chronic illnesses and no those are not the same thing. Those are two different things. I can have a chronic illness without it being invisible. I have to say when doctors first started saying I had fibromyalgia I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to think because I was in pain all the time. I get random pains here and there and couldn’t describe them, or I wouldn’t remember them and at this point I can’t really remember not having random pains all over my body even though I know I have only been dealing with this crap for 2 years, I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t get random pains all over.

I try to stay goofy/upbeat because if I let the pain get in my way, and if I stewed in the fact that I can’t remember a time before the pain set in, I would be depressed. I would lay in bed with the covers over my head every day not wanting to get up. I would not want to do anything because of the pain because of the spasms because of how much my life is ruled by how much I cannot do. I stay goofy because I cannot focus on what I cannot do.

2 thoughts on “Don’t mind the oven mitts duct taped to my hands

  1. Michelle

    Oven mitts are very hard to type in. I agree with invisible and chronic illness, mind over matter is extremely important. I went into a very dark place with depression. Our minds are our most important tools in taking our lives back and living the best life we can post invisible chronic illness.

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    1. trompetaz Post author

      Oh yeah I agree, and I am not always this chipper trust and believe! I am trying really hard to use humor right now to get through all this. I think having this blog is helping and knowing that other people are enjoying my musings is helping!



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