A cuppa Joe?

So yesterday I ventured out to Food Lion! Yes, I went on a VERY short shopping trip with the wifey. We needed the essentials, you know milk, eggs, half and half (especially after the whole eggs incident which if you missed that blog you can read it here Would you like some coffee to go with your cream?) and COFFEE!! Yup in my word coffee goes on the essentials list. Oh yeah I needed bananas too. Bananas go on that list because of my blood pressure medicine. So anyways…we go to the grocery store, we get a cart which they got new shiny black ones. They have 2 types of shopping carts little ones for those quick trips and the big ones that say take me so you spend a couple hundred dollars. Now don’t get me wrong in the little one you can easily spend a hundred, but less space means you tend to fill it up faster which means you tend to leave faster! hahaha So we have our list of items we need so this will be a quick trip for me and my healing back.

So we get to the coffee aisle and I tell my wife I want Breakfast Blend. She informs me she was reading that the lighter roasts have more caffeine in them, and I immediately say to her “Well when I only get 2 cups a day I want them to COUNT!!” and then I smile and laugh. I am sensitive to caffeine so I have to be careful how much I have and when I have it. So my 2 cups of coffee I drink in the morning is the only caffeine I have for the day. I stopped drinking soda in January of this year and even with the soda I usually drank caffeine free varieties anyways.

There was this one time when I was still working so this was awhile ago that with my lunch at 11am I decided to drink a Dr. Pepper10. I had drank Diet Dr. Peppers with my lunch before and the caffeine was out of my system in time for me to sleep, so I didn’t think much of it…this was my MISTAKE. Dr. Pepper10 has a LOT of caffeine in it, more than Mountain Dew. So at 3am that same day I am still bouncing off the walls. Jenna who was my girlfriend at this point is ready to murder me because I am talking a mile a minute and bouncing off the walls. I had to be back at work at 7am too….It must have been true love that not only did she let me live, but we went on to be married!

I will say after that little event, we set up ground rules about caffeine and how much I was allowed. Needless to say I am no longer allowed to drink Dr. Pepper10! I cannot tell you how much I apologized after I came down from my caffeine high. I did tell Jenna that I really had no idea that Dr. Pepper10 would have such a drastically HIGHER caffeine count than the Diet Dr. Pepper, and I was just as shocked as she was that it affected me in that way. We also have a running joke about me drinking another Dr. Pepper10…hahahah

I called the surgeon’s office told the nurse about the rash, he ordered a steroid pack for my rash so hopefully that helps the itching because I really don’t want to have to resort to oven mitts on my hands!

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