Old commercials bring back memories

I think I’m starting to get old enough that commercials are mimicking my life now and I don’t like it! Hahahah Last night I was getting ready for bed and my back was hurting so I was trying to decide if I was going to take a pain pill or if I wanted to try my stimulator on a bit higher setting to see if that would work better…..

Well I decided to try the stimulator on a bit higher setting to see if that would work better for me because I am really trying to get away from the pain pills because I know that once this prescription is gone they aren’t going to give me a refill. The CDC just put out new recommendations for patients with Fibromyalgia and pain meds. So I know they would be reluctant to prescribe me anything now, they refused to prescribe me pain pills before all this! When I sprained my knee the doctor wouldn’t write me a script for pain pills because of all this back mess, but I digress.

Anyhow…so I turn up my stimulator and I got a little happy apparently because it was so strong I got weak in the knees! So I had a flashback to those commercials for the life alert where the old people would fall and go “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” expect I would say “I’m vibrating and I can’t get up!” which I realize how dirty that would sound, but eh it’s me! So then I get to laughing because I realize how dirty that would sound to someone who didn’t know about the spinal cord stimulator and how being laid out on the bedroom floor because I had turned the system up too high was so ridiculous I almost didn’t get it turned down in time before I fell on the floor. I did manage to lay down and call wifey because she deserved a good laugh. So I call her and I tell her about what just happened and she started laughing and I’m pretty sure she is shaking her head, but of course I can’t see her. She laughs and tells me to go to sleep.

Through all the pain and the doctors visits and even hospital stays we really do try to laugh. We try to laugh about anything and everything we can because I live with chronic pain and actually so does my wife. We try and find the joy in probably the most mundane things, but when we can find the joke/joy we laugh. I think I have learned over the last two years that learning to laugh and find the joy in life is what helps the most so if turning my stimulator up to high and then laughing about falling because I’m vibrating too much makes us laugh then I’ll make jokes about vibrating too much.

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