1, 2 buckle my shoe…

So I’ve decided that my recovery has been a lot better because of all the things I learned LAST year with my spinal surgery. I learned how to get in bed, out of bed, how to get dressed, etc. I made mistakes and I learned from those mistakes. So this year I have been up and moving around because moving is really important after surgery especially when you have asthma. I am at a higher risk for pneumonia so I have been up and moving.

I have been resting a lot, which has been really hard for me. I normally am a go go GO type person. I like to be running around and have lots of different things going at all times, but I know that the only way I am going to have a successful surgery is to slow down and rest. I sleep when my body tells me to and realize that it’s okay to slow down.

I called and made an appt with my neurologist because I am getting dizzy. Last night during the lunar eclipse I was looking up which is never good and I was walking and swerving all over the yard. Jenna had to hold my hand to make sure I didn’t fall in the dark.

I also called to make an appt to have my stimulator programmed. My stimulator works, but with the inflammation and scar tissue the stimulator program isn’t quite right now. So we need to program it again. They had told me before the surgery that I would have to have it programmed and re-programmed several times in the first couple of months because of scar tissue and just getting used to it. I’m good with that, I understand that. I’m just so happy that I finally HAVE IT.

The rash on my back doesn’t itch now and it seems to be going back to flesh color. The steri strips are starting to fall off. I’m not pulling them off, but since I am not covering them, they are falling them off faster than they would if I was still covering them. The incisions look good.

So while I might only be moving at the speed of a tortoise I’m moving and I’m good with that.

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