Happy National Coffee Day!!

Yes, I’m being totally serious for once! It’s National Coffee Day which means LOTS of places will give you free coffee just because! Sheetz, Wawa, Krispy Kreme (plus an original glaze!), and Dunkin’ Donuts just to name a few! Now if only I drove….. but that is neither here nor there because I have coffee and cream and I did NOT make scrambled eggs for breakfast 😉

I go on Thursday to have my spinal cord stimulator programmed. Lots of people have asked if this is normal and the answer is YES. There will be several tweaking sessions in the first couple of months until we get the right programs for me. Like right now the program is running but I don’t feel it, part of it is the position I am in, and part of it I’m sure is that I’ve had the program running so long that I just have tuned out the sensation. It’s perfectly normal to have the programming tweaked several times right after you have the unit put in, and even after you’ve had it for awhile you go in and get tune ups. So nothing to get overly excited about its all par for the course!

The one area in my back that all the steri strips fell off, the skin is starting to return to normal color! YAY! I am still taking benedryl in the morning and at night because I still itch a bit, but not NEARLY the same amount I did. I have a couple days left on the steroid pack and then that will be done too. I see the surgeon next Tuesday.

I am taking it easy and trying to slow my roll down, but it’s hard. I want to be up and moving, but I know the importance of slowing down and smelling the roses. I pulled a couple more tomatoes off our plants yesterday which was exciting! I love home grown tomatoes they taste so much better than the store bought ones. I have a few more growing and I hope they mature before we get frost here. Its a race to the finish line that’s for sure! We are also starting to get broccoli again which is AWESOME. I love the broccoli for the same reason. We also tried Brussel sprouts for the first time and they are looking awesome. They should be ready to harvest soon too. Of course I am not gardening any more this year, but that’s where the wifey has stepped in and picked up the slack. She is so awesome. I am very blessed to have such an awesome partner in life.

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