Rain, rain go away

So the East Coast is getting a lot of rain, like A LOT. There is a hurricane forming down by the Bahamas and depending on the path depends on how much rain we will get. When it rains my arthritis kicks into full gear, my asthma kicks into full gear, my fibromyalgia decides to get a piece of the action, I mean why not…and then of course my back pain increases as well. So today I am not in a good place pain wise, and I’m uber sleepy! I’m sure I’ll take a nap..maybe two today because I’m just sleepy and sore and while I will try to be up and moving because it is important to keep those joints moving, I will also rest because today I am 2 weeks post op.

Tuesday I am going to see my surgeon for my 1st post operation visit so he can look at the incisions, he can evaluate how I am doing, etc. I’m sure he’ll be happy with everything. Tomorrow I get the stimulator reprogrammed which I am VERY HAPPY about. Last night the wife and I were discussing how high it goes and I go I dunno I turned it up to 12 and that was too much for me, so I turned it back to 7 where I like to keep it. She goes don’t want you bouncing across the floors!

One of my wife’s friends has now nicknamed me Energizer Jenn because I have a battery implanted in me. Which if my normally upbeat hyper attitude wasn’t enough to have a battery implanted is just a great addition to the story! I mean now I just need a base drum that weighs less than 5lbs that I can walk around with! HAHAHA

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