Energizer Jenn

Yesterday I went and got my spinal cord stimulator programmed for the first time since my spinal fusion and spinal cord stimulator implant 2 weeks ago. The day of surgery St. Jude Medical gave me 1 program for the stimulator that I had been using.

Now I have 5 programs to choose from which is AWESOME. I have choices. I am still getting used to the stimulator. When I am in certain positions the stimulator the pulses are stronger which I am trying to get used to, but each day it gets easier. I will say as far as pain I am feeling better. I am really happy that I did the surgery, I am still stiff and sore. I walk like I am stiff and sore, the wet weather outside is not helping the stiff and sore feeling. I have dealt with the pain for so long that to have some relief from the constant pain is a blessing.

So yesterday the rep also showed me how to charge the battery in my hip. So I am sitting charging the battery and watching tv. It’s raining buckets out there, if I was feeling better I would finish building the boat in my non-existent basement! They are concerned about flash flooding, and coastal flooding, and I can see why, the meteorologist are talking about 10+” of rain which is a lot of rain. So I’m sitting on my charger, watching the rain, watching TV and just enjoying life.

Living with chronic pain is hard, I’ll be the first to admit that. You wake up, you are tired. You go to bed you are exhausted. You fight everyday to smile and do the simplest of task. I made the choice to try and make the best of everyday. I laugh and joke and try to find joy in everything. I have days where I want to stay in bed and cry. I’ve had plenty of tears cried into my pillow. Today I am glad I had this surgery. I will repeat over and over again that I did not come to this decision lightly, I thought about and researched this surgery for over a year before I had it done. It’s a long process and a lot of hoops to jump through before you can proceed.

That being said there is great news for people like me who suffer from fibromyalgia, it is FINALLY getting its own diagnostic code! Which means it does exist here is an article talking about it. This is HUGE news. I have several codes in my files where the doctors have had to use general codes for different issues and that makes it harder for me and other doctors.


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