So last night I was feeling GOOOOD! It was rainy and what’s better than hunkering down and watching TV on a rainy Friday? It was so cold last night we actually switched over to heat, which you could tell because it was that lovely first time we’ve used the heat pump smell! I had cooked some chicken legs, peas, and potatoes in the slow cooker.

We sat and enjoyed dinner watched TV and just enjoyed our evening. Sometimes the best evenings are those where we just chill. I like to have those lazy evenings, we just relax and just be. Too often I feel like I’m rushing everywhere, my brain tends to go a mile a minute anyhow so having time where I’m not expected to be anywhere, do anything really are my favorite moments.

So this week a representative from a bone growth stimulator company called me said my surgeon had ordered a bone growth stimulator for me as part of my recovery from my spinal fusion surgery and she wanted to come to the house to deliver it. Let me back up for a minute and let you all know that I had a bone growth stimulator LAST year. Normal people wear it for 2 hours a day for 2 weeks after their surgery, I had to wear it for 2 hours a day for 6 weeks after my surgery because the bone wasn’t growing. The bone didn’t grow which is why I had to have another fusion this year, and have the clamps put on the spacer. When I talked to my surgeon he expressed to me that with the clamps we wouldn’t have to worry about if the bone ever grew because of the clamps being placed to hold the spacer still in the spinal column. So as you can imagine when I got the call I was a little confused as to why I would need a bone growth stimulator this go round. Let me also say that the retail sticker price on these are around $5,000. So I say to the woman, I have the one from last year, so I really don’t think I need a new one and I was under the impression from the doctor he wasn’t concerned about the bone growth. She assures me that with the stimulator I have a 92% better success rate for the bone growth. So now I’m a little bitchy and go well I must be in that 8% because the bone didn’t grow and I used it as directed and actually longer than most people need to because the bone didn’t grow. Actually that’s why I had to have a 2nd spinal fusion because the bone didn’t grow. She also informs me that the technology is always changing and that I really do need the newer version of the bone growth stimulator that mine from last year is outdated. So I tell her that I see my surgeon on Tuesday and I want to speak to him about this because I’m not convinced and they are expensive and I’m not sure I want to pay for it. So she’s going to call me on Wednesday. Sorry lady I’m not buying into your snake oil this time. That being said I do believe there are lots of people who have positive outcomes, but I personally did not.

I will be glad to see the surgeon on Tuesday, I think he’ll be glad to see my progress. I’ll be glad to get some answers from him. I will say I am so glad I have a stimulator. Overall I feel better. With all this wet rainy cold weather I can feel the arthritis in my knees and back and the stimulator is definitely helping with those pains!

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