Bounce, bounce, bounce

Rain has stopped so that is nice, hoping to see Mr. Sun. I’m thinking I need to pull out my circle time books and start singing songs to bring out the sun! When I work with kids I often tell them I’m 4 1/2 and they giggle and laugh and go NO YOU’RE NOT!!! and of course I vigorously tell them I am. I think I really do at least have the heart of about a 5 year old. I love life.

I love to finger-paint. I love to just explore outdoors. I love to sit and listen to nature. I love to take things apart which yes has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion when I couldn’t figure out how to put said item back together. I love to sit and just observe. I often am quiet, but I also can be loud and obnoxious. I am introverted but I know how to appear extroverted. I am very detail oriented and I do not like disruptions in my routine which this back yuck has really thrown a monkey wrench in my routine. I may appear I go with the flow but inside I am going nuts.

I love to laugh and make others laugh. My wife can truly attest to this one. I make her laugh multiple times a day and she often will tell me I’m a weirdo, but I’m her weirdo. Of course using weirdo in the most loving sense of the word…and yes that is possible! I remember when I took drama in high school we did this play and my class wasn’t allowed to perform it, but my sister’s class was so I was there because I wanted to see my sister. Well the person who played the part I had learned didn’t show up, so the teacher asked me if I could step in since I had the lines already memorized verses having another student try and do two parts, so I said sure. The parents thought I had been in that class. No one had any idea I was pulled from the audience. I love acting. I love drama. I love comedy. I keep teasing that I am going to start my own stand up routine. Which watch out I might do it, you never know!

I love being unpredictable and predictable. My wife can often predict how I will react to a given situation, and I can predict how she will react but every once in awhile I will purposely react in a different way just to throw her off her game, I mean why not? Life is meant to be full of unknowns, full of possibilities. Marriage is two flawed people who have picked each other and made a promise not to give up on each other.

So today think about your life and the people in it and do something crazy, make someone laugh, finger-paint, take a part the toaster, do something, live a little. We only get one life, one opportunity to live, so do something crazy, why not?


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