It’s the chicken/egg syndrome

I was on Facebook and someone posed the question do you think you’ve always had fibromyalgia? I think this is a chicken/egg syndrome. Some will say they have always had it. I don’t think I’ve always had it. I didn’t have all this random ass nerve pain until I had issue with my back, so I think the trauma from my back unlocked it in me. Now does that mean that I never had it and it magically appeared when I injured my back? I didn’t say that either, I just mean I don’t think I was born with it. I think wear and tear on our bodies makes certain things happen and I think the trauma from tearing two lumbar discs caused my nerves to go into hyper drive. The nerves going into hyper drive caused the fibromyalgia to show up. Have I had signs of it before all this, possibly. Anyone who knows me, will be the first to tell you I am extremely hard-headed. I’ve been in several car accidents over the years. Could any of those be the cause? The trauma caused it to lie dormant until the slip caused something to trigger it again? Possibly…but here is the chicken/egg syndrome. We won’t know. We can’t know. I can tell you as I sit here I wonder why ANY ONE would volunteer to walk on hot coals, because right now the nerves on the bottom of my feet feel like I’m walking on hot coals and it’s not pleasant.

Nerve pain is one of the long list of things I have not gotten used to! I don’t think you get used to any of this stuff I think you just build a higher tolerance level. Of course I think I have gotten better about expressing when nerve pain is happening. I used to not be able to explain it. I have gotten better about being about to describe where it’s happening, how it feels, etc. I’ve found that the only way I could get help is if I could accurately describe it to my wife, my doctors. Do I do it justice? Not always. I still sometimes downplay it I’m sure, but if I can give them a glimpse, then that’s better than I was doing yesterday, and right now I’m working on progress-not perfection.


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