I was soo proud of myself I should get a gold star today! I mean seriously I should get a gold star because I got up with my alarm clock and I didn’t hit snooze! YAY ME! Seriously I used to NOT be a morning person I blame chronic pain for turning me into this chipper morning person, I look in the mirror in slight horror and think who are you and what did you do with the grumpy version of me?? Then I remember I haven’t had my coffee let out some grunts and I go back to cavewoman version 2.0. Yup I start to see the non-morning version of me with the hair sticking out all over the place. Oh wait that’s just from the CPAP mask….never mind….

I am a coffee drinker. I was explaining to my Mom this morning on the way to my first post op check up this morning that I drink breakfast blend coffee because I like the flavor, and how my wife decides to inform me in the middle of the grocery store that the lighter blends have more caffeine content. So me being the dramatic person that I am go “WELL DUH! If I only get 2 cups of coffee THEY SHOULD COUNT!!” Well apparently we weren’t alone in the coffee aisle as I rarely look around before I make such dramatic scenes, and another customer starts laughing at the interaction between us, and of course now that I have an audience I decide to ham it up. Normal people would probably die from embarrassment, but apparently that just isn’t me! So I turn to the person I go, seriously! I drink 2 cups that’s all the caffeine I get a day, so I’m getting all the caffeine I can! My wife just laughs and shakes her head and we move on from my now one woman coffee scene. I don’t think Juan Valdez will be calling any time soon, but hey, I made someone besides the wife laugh so it was a good day!

Post op appointment went well. Incisions are looking good (which the wife had told me). I am calling tomorrow to set up Physical Therapy. I am getting x-rays in about 4 weeks so they can see how the fusion looks. So a happy doctor is good, I’m happy, he’s happy we’re all happy. But it was a LOOONG day, so I’m about ready to pass out I don’t think there was enough caffeine in my coffee this morning, think I need to try again tomorrow!

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