My cat is training me

We have a cat and we have a rabbit. The cat is named Creme the rabbit is Otis. Creme Otis

I’m pretty sure Creme is training me so that every time I walk into the bathroom I turn the water on so she can do this.CremeSink yup that’s her drinking out of the sink. Creme seems to think the only water that is worthy of drinking is that coming out of the tap. I realized today that every time I get up Creme makes a bee line for the bathroom. If she realizes that I am not walking towards the bathroom she bee lines towards me, starts rubbing my leg and then she starts walking towards the bathroom. and looks up at me. I really think she’s training me. I wonder how long it’s going to take her to realize I figured out her game! I am smarter than the cat!! HAHAHA…….

I enjoy having the two animals during recovery. It’s nice to have them to keep me company during the day. Even if the cat thinks she can train me to give her water out of the sink any time she wants. I also want to say that both animals are rescue animals. Creme was found in a parking lot and my wife rescued her, and Otis was adopted by me when his previous owner moved from a house to an apartment and couldn’t take him with.

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