Charging my butt!

So once a week I have to have the charger for my battery on for 90 minutes. So for me its easier to do it on Fridays because I have all my Thursdays shows to watch on Hulu. Two shows and I’m pretty close to being fully charged. A long time ago I decided I would rather have fast Internet than cable, so I pay for Hulu and I pay for Netflix and I’m good.

So the rep from St. Jude suggested charging once a week for optimal battery health. Now I am an on the go type person. I talk fast and I always have stuff going in a million different directions so to tell me to sit and let the battery charge for 90 minutes is no easy task which is why I set it up so I catch up on my must see Thursday shows! Actually there is a belt you can put the charger in and walk around, but I find it much easier just to plug in to Hulu for my charging period.

Of course being me I have encouraged jokes about the battery placement which is in my hip, but you can’t do that many jokes about the battery in my hip so we say its in my butt for better material. So this morning I put up time to charge my butt on Facebook. Needless to say I got one of my Fraternity brothers (yes it’s co-ed) to tell me I’m kinky to which more ribbing started. I’m so glad I can bring joy to everyone’s Friday! Seriously I love making people laugh. I’m pretty sure I was a stand up comic in some alternate universe. I actually have been told out west I have a doppelganger who is a stand up comedian and that sounds just about right to me!

I deal with being in pain all the time and I really do try to laugh and make other people laugh because there is enough pain in the world. I know some of my post are more serious than others, but I really hope that you have realized by now that I am a funny person and I try to see the good stuff in life. They have done studies on the health benefits of laughing and laughing is WAAY cheaper than those medications you pick up from the corner drug store so I say let’s get your laugh on!


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