Memo please!!

Obviously my back did not get the memo that I only accept pain from my low back! I mean seriously! I can deal with low back pain (and have dealt with low back pain for over 2 years now) this upper back pain NEEDS TO GO! It’s funny (and not in the ha ha sense) how you can deal with one type and you get so used to it that it becomes second nature but as soon as that pain moves a few inches its like the grim reaper has stepped in and all hell is starting to break loose!

Now I’m sure part of the upper back pain is that with the surgery I have 2 incisions in that area that start just about between my shoulder blades and go down and they are roughly about 2-3 inches long, and b with my low back being out of commission again due to the spinal fusion I am be very careful to push up with my arms, and I’m sure my upper back is saying I’M TIRED!! You are abusing me again!! Go to the gym and workout next time! (And yes it’s okay if you laughed)

When you are so used to being in one type of pain it really is amazing how when another type of pain creeps in you have very little tolerance for it. It’s like okay if we are going to have pain I want this type that’s it alright meeting adjourned! If only it worked that way! Seriously! I would be a happier camper if I could just tell my body how to work and then be on my merry way, I think anyone with any chronic condition is right there with me on that statement.

So today I am going to pull out the heating pad for my upper back and rest and play Candy Crush because I can and relax and rest because that’s the real memo my back is sending me REST. I dislike that four letter work see not all four letter words are cuss words, I can think of a lot of four letter words that people dislike DIET, REST, WORK…,see I bet a couple popped into your head too. The best thing I can do is just take it easy even though this morning I got a million ideas, but I think for the sake of my back I will put the list aside and just rest.

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