Pop, pop, pop….

Every time I get up you would think I had hidden bubble wrap in my pants. Seriously it sounds like bubble wrap going off in my jeans. You hear pop, pop, pop…no crackle just pops so we know its not from all the Rice Krispies I ate as a child, although that would be a good second guess! Over the summer I did have cortisone injections in both of my knees because the insurance company wanted me to try that. So I tried that. I had had a cortisone injection in my left knee ages ago and it didn’t work and surprise surprise it didn’t work this time either. I can tell you from the constant pop, pop, pop that the cortisone injection in my right knee has fully worn off hence the sound of bubble wrap every time I get up.

I think I would rather buy a large economy size roll of bubble wrap and just sit and pop it instead! I mean how peaceful and fun is it to pop each little bubble and then you see the stories of them creating bubble wrap that the bubbles don’t pop! What kind of madness is that?? I mean bubble wrap with unpoppable bubbles???!!!! Say NO!

I know that I have put extreme stress on my knees due to the excess weight, but I am working hard to lose the weight to help my knees and my back. I am eating healthy and once I am cleared for exercise I will start any exercise the doctor tells me. Since March of 2014 I have lost 75lbs so I know that is helping my knees and back.

I was watching this video today about redheads and they were talking about that we have a higher pain tolerance and we need more anesthesia than other hair colors and I know this is true in my case. I have a much higher pain tolerance than most people which is a blessing and a curse. The anesthesia is also a blessing and a curse. I see my neurologist at the end of the month to adjust my medication because I am having issues since the last surgery with losing my balance. I am also noticing other issues that I need to discuss with him.

I can’t wait until I am healed from this surgery and I am feeling better and I can just go without having to take a 2-3 hour nap each day. I have been in higher pain the past couple of days, but I’m thinking that I need to come up with a song or something fun, get those creative juices flowing.

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