Ever have a moment when the information you are looking for is right beside you? Like you are looking for a phone number and you are looking high and low and the you realize you have an ad or a business card on the fridge? That’s what I feel like today! I thought I needed something from my wife and she’s like ummm no you can just look here. As soon as she told me where to look I go DUH JENN!!!! I knew that, I knew that I knew THAT! I should have looked there. Oh well no harm no foul. I got what I needed done done.

Tomorrow is my first physical therapy session since January and I am looking forward to it. I like my physical therapy office. I like the staff. They like me because I’m upbeat and funny and I work really hard. I want to feel better. I want to be better. I don’t want to rely on everyone around me for everything. Now I know there are limitations with my body right now and we are working within the limitations of my body, but I also know that there is some wiggle room. I know I can build strength in the muscles, I know I can regain flexibility, but I have to work with the physical therapy staff to do all that. I have to do the exercises.

The cat and I keep having this staring contest today, she wants water out of the sink, and I refuse to be her trained human. Of course having this staring contest I think is her way of breaking me down…maybe breaking me in?? She keeps popping around the corner of the sofa and just watching me like I’m her next prey but not in a I’m going to eat you way, but I want something way. So I’ll look at her but if I say anything to her, she walks off like I wasn’t looking at you- you aren’t worth my time. Then a little while later she’s looking at me again…..

The rabbit is ignoring me for the most part. He’s ignoring the cat too which normally he tries to get the cat’s attention so I can’t tell if he’s mad at both of us, or if he’s just having a lazy Tuesday I’m having rabbit time kind of day.


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