Ahoy Mateys!

I think with all this motion sickness I should be getting travel miles with carnival cruise lines or somebody! I mean geez! So this is just about the right time for all the neurological symptoms to start showing up and just on cue….they showed up! Now really you would think the US Postal Service could have lost their invitation to this party…or I could have been better prepared and just not written an invited out to them, I really thought I had taken them off this party list…anyHOW…. today driving to physical therapy I got terribly carsick and pretty much stayed that way. Fun times…NOT!!!

Physical therapy went well this morning, I got off easy because they did a evaluation of my current abilities and then we did some easy post surgical exercises. Fun stuff like pelvic tilts and leg lifts, of course the hard part is doing everything slowly and controlled. My left side did better than my right side which just means there is probably more muscle fatigue on that side. My right thigh is numb so we know there is some muscle and nerve damage on my right side, I was just surprised when there was such a difference today in physical therapy.

I woke up early due to pain in my hip which is nothing new. I laid in bed and tried to fall back asleep, but that didn’t work so I got up, got dressed got my coffee. I watched the sunrise and enjoyed the quiet. Sometimes you just have to start your day thinking of all the things you are grateful for. A minute of gratitude can go a long way when you wake up in pain.


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