It’s not easy being wheezy!

So I have asthma and when you have asthma you are used to having asthma attacks. I had one of those asthma attacks this morning just before 6am. If you have asthma or have a family member who has asthma you should know that asthma attacks rarely happen at NORMAL times. They like to happen late at night, early in the morning, at the most inconvenient times. Because I sleep with CPAP, I pulled off the CPAP mask and grabbed my rescue inhaler and headed towards the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for me to deem this a serious attack. Even after getting my rescue inhaler administer I was still having chest pain and I realized really fast that I needed medical attention. So after consulting with my parents and my wife, we went to the ER. This was the first time that my wife has dealt with a severe asthma attack. After taking my vitals and doing all the assessments it was decided I needed a breathing treatment, chest x-ray, blood work and IV for possible fluids.

My wife said it was interesting to watch the breathing treatment, but could hear a vast improvement in my breathing afterwards. I was glad to get one! My asthma has never been severe enough that I have had a nebulizer at home, but after today I am going to be talking with my pulmunologist to see what options might be available for me.

So once everything was said and done….I have pneumonia. Which was a huge shock to myself and my wife, even my Mom was surprised because up until last night I was feeling okay. So moral of the story when you have chronic illnesses LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I knew I was having a bad attack and so we went to the ER and the doctor was able to do all the appropriate testing in a couple hours. I also knew I needed the breathing treatment.


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