You are the weakest link GOODBYE

When it comes to nurses I am a pretty understanding patient. I understand that I am not the only person you are caring for and some people need more attention than I do. However the nurse last night and tonight my understanding, go with the flow attitude is about to jp from the 2nd story window.

I am on a Heparin IV to help dissolve my saddle pulmonary embolism while the Coumadin reaches therapeutic levels. I go through a Heparin IV bag about every 2.5 hours, so they get changed often. The first night Zoe was here it didn’t seem like she knew how to program the IV pump and I look at the bag of Heparin and it’s totally empty and part of the IV line is empty and I look at the screen and it thinks there is still 200mL of Heparin in the bag. So I pause it and call her. She hangs a new bag and tells me that I was in no danger.

No a good first impression! So needless to say the first night was filled with similar examples of her incompetetentce. Then I finally fall asleep around 4am and she wakes me up at 7am to look at the scars on my back from surgery…..REALLY? You didn’t look at them when you listened to my lungs. So when I found out that I got her again tonight, I was less than thrilled.

So I take morning medication and evening medication. I did not get my evening meds until almost midnight! Zoe was tied up/busy so another nurse came around with the cart and meds. So he gave me the meds. Then Zoe showed up around 12:15am. So she did her normal exam. Her two infants we taken off and put in their play area.

My levels were much better today and the doctor actually said that I might be discharged tomorrow! That was music to my ears. Lab came to try and draw blood but she missed the vein so I am waiting for the next person to try.

But I am really hoping that I can go home tomorrow. 9 days in the hospital is too many for me!

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