Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

I am HOME!! Yes you read that right, I am home from my 10 day stay at the hospital. The magic number for me to come home was 2.0, so yesterday my Coumadin level was 1.9 so we pretty confident that I would be able to come home today. I asked the nurse what my Coumadin level was and she said 1.9 and I said to her wait..that’s what it was YESTERDAY! She said, I know I didn’t want to give you the bad news so I wasn’t going to tell you unless you asked me.

So I took a deep breath and sighed a little because today is my 2nd wedding anniversary. I wanted to be home with my wife, and really who can blame me? I had been in the hospital since October 16th when I was brought in by ambulance. I had been told by at least 3 doctors that I should be dead, and they were amazed I was alive and kicking. I have bruises everywhere from the blood thinners they have been giving me to try and thin my blood enough to absorb the massive saddle pulmonary embolism. I called my Mom to tell her, she was on her way in to the hospital to keep me company and I started to cry a bit. The nurse had told me that I would have a blood re-draw at 2:30pm and we would see if my levels had come up that .1.

Well around 10:30am the vampire came in…I mean the lab came in and drew my blood and when the results came in I was at 2.0!!!! So when the doctor came in, he told me that he was discharging me and I was the happiest girl alive! I was very pleased that I could FINALLY go home. It’s the little things in life like being able to go to the bathroom without an IV pole, or being able to sleep through the night without someone coming in to take your blood pressure, or just make sure you are still breathing.

I was really ill, I should be dead, and I understand this. I also understand that I am not dead I am very much alive. I also understand that I will have to go to the Coumadin Clinic, I will have to change my diet a bit, and I am taking this very seriously. I am also going to be humorous because that is who I am. I am going to make jokes, but that does not take away that I don’t know how lucky I am. I will have to go through some cardiac testing in 6 months checking for some possible permanent damage from when the clot passed through my heart.

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