It’s all about balance

Anytime you have a chronic illness it’s all about balance. It’s about knowing your own limitations and honoring your limitations even when you don’t want to. Today I was supposed to go with my Mom to see Price is Right Live! we bought the tickets several months ago. We had been looking forward to this for months and then I got the blood clot. So I told Mom to go without me, I wanted her to go and use her ticket and to HAVE FUN. She tried to find someone else to go with her, but with it being such short notice she couldn’t find anyone to go with.

Am I disappointed? You bet! I am. I want to be there, but I just got out of the hospital, I still have a massive blood clot, while my body has absorbed enough of it that I was able to come home, it’s still there. I need to rest and relax this week. I have to take it easy and honor my limitations. I have learned that lesson with my back pain. I used to try and push myself but then I was in more pain. So I learned real fast that the more I pushed myself the more pain I would be in so it was a lose-lose for me. So I learned that I needed to speak up when I started to feel tired. I learned that I needed to sit down. I also learned that in large stores it was okay for me to get an electric cart to use so I didn’t tire myself.

Mom laughs that I am really proficient at driving the carts now. I told her that 2 years worth of driving the cart I can really drive! It’s a little scary how good I can drive it hahaha. I just learned that if I tried to walk around the bigger stores my back would not hold up. I also have learned that it’s okay for me to say I’m getting tired so I’m going to go sit in the car.

So if I could pass on one piece of advice to someone newly diagnosed with any chronic illness I would say it’s okay to honor your limitations.

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