Life with a Rabbit

As I have posted before I have a rabbit. I have had said rabbit for 4 years now, he’s 5 years old. I got him from a co-worker who was moving from a house into an apartment so she couldn’t keep him. He really cracks me up at times because he will just flop over in his cage like okay I’m done PLOP. He and the cat will also have these secret meetings where they sit and just look at each other, but only IF he is safely behind bars. If he is out of the cage she will have NOTHING to do with him. He will try to sneak up on her and she will jump and RUN for her life.

It makes me laugh, probably more than it should, but I really do laugh at how they interact. He just wants to play with her and she wants NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to do with him, unless he is safely behind bars. Of course I totally encourage him to chase her just because I can. She can safely jump away from him, and then she looks at me like now why are you telling him to chase me?? It’s like that look of distrust and betrayal which of course usually sends me into giggles because it just doesn’t take much for me to start giggling.

Otis loves dried papaya. I was reading online and found that dried papaya when given as a treat helps with their shedding and I can confirm that it definitely helps. So we give him a piece usually daily, sometimes every other day. Papaya is very sweet and Otis DEFINITELY has a sweet tooth so we limit the sweet stuff. I also will go and pick the dandelions out of the yard for him to give him some fresh greens to supplement his pellets and alfalfa hay. Sometimes he gets other fresh treats but we really watch what we give him because we don’t want to make him sick.

A rabbit’s average life span is 10 years, so he’s now middle age. He definitely brings a lot of joy to this house and we definitely get a lot of laughs with the interactions between him and the cats. One time Nicco walked up to Otis and bopped him in between the eyes and I laughed much more than I should have. Now please understand that Otis was not hurt, Nicco had been front declawed by his previous owner. But Otis just hopped towards Nicco and Nicco ran away. I laughed and laughed and thought well that’s one way to respond to a face slap!

Pets are good medicine studies have shown they help lower your blood pressure, lower stress and elevate your mood. We also get really good stories from our rescue animals because they have such big personalities! Of course living in this house we really would expect nothing less!

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