Happy Halloween and The Farmer’s Market

So I had my first big outing…I went to the Farmer’s Market. I bundled up and wore a scarf to keep myself warm, it wasn’t particularly cold, but I wanted to make sure not to let my lungs get cold. Today was the last Saturday for the Farmer’s Market so I really wanted to go and say goodbye to my friends until spring. One of our favorite vendors won’t be back in the spring and so I was really glad I got to talk to her today.

Walking around took a LOT of effort. You don’t think about how much a little walking takes a toll on your body, but I am totally exhausted and ready for a nap. I probably will nap to be honest just because I know I need to rest and heal and that I am not at 100% right now. I know that I need to allow myself to slow down and take breaks and honor my limitations. We ordered a cane for me which is really honoring my limitations because up until now I had been very against the idea of walking with a cane. I am conceding that with the extra work that my heart and lungs are doing right now, my leg is just not holding up as long as it normally does hence why we ordered a cane for me to use.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween and enjoys trick or treating if you are doing that. Enjoy your party if you are doing that, or enjoy your time at home if that’s what you will be doing tonight.

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