Rain, rain GO AWAY!!!

So I’ve been out of the hospital less than a week and the plan today is to take the 3 year old niece on a carriage ride through historic downtown. Yes it’s an open carriage drawn by horses and it’s raining, not a heavy rain, but a light rain. Anyone know a sun dance? I mean in school they teach us rain dances there must be an opposite right? We even get taught snow dances, but why not sun dances? Anyone ever thought of that? We are dancing FOR precipitation, but never AGAINST it! I mean Mother Nature and I need to have a sit down!

The rain is aggravating my asthma which is nothing new, at least the temperature here is supposed to be a little warmer 67 degrees….yeah okay….well maybe I won’t need 4 layers of clothes to go outside today… I am finding that being on blood thinners I need an extra layer or two of clothing which before blood thinners I was already the person wearing 2 layers of clothes when everyone else was in shorts, so as you can imagine my wife is giggling a bit at me. Last night I was freezing to death in my long sleeved shirt and jeans and I go to look at the thermostat that informed me the house was 70 degrees and I realized I wasn’t freezing to death, I just thought I was, so I pulled out a blanket and sat under a blanket.

I normally sleep with a blanket all year round, yes even summer, so this is going to get interesting as the temperatures get colder. My physical therapy office would chuckle when I came in there because often I would have multiple layers on that I would be stripping off before I would go to the back for treatment because who wants to do exercises with a long sleeved shirt on, a hoodie, a vest and a winter coat? Plus I would also have a scarf, and usually a hat too. So I would leave all this stuff with whoever drove me that day and it really looked like I had enough clothing for at least 2 people, but it was all for me. Hey during the winter I get enough upper respiratory infections on my own, I don’t need help by not dressing warm enough!

This is going to be an adventure and one I don’t get a map for, but I figure that when its all said and done it makes for a great story, and maybe even a book. I mean who knows what I’ll do next. I have too much free time as it is, but the cat is grateful I didn’t dress her up this year. So maybe I don’t have as much free time as I think….


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