Let It Go!

Oh my GOODNESS did I have FUN!! We took our niece and our 9 month nephew on a Frozen themed carriage ride through the historic district and we had a BLAST. Olaf greeted everyone and checked us in for our ride. Then one carriage ride had Anna driving and the other had another woman driving. Caitlyn wanted the carriage that Anna was driving and Grammy (my mother) made that happen for her. So while we were waiting because we made sure to show up early for our ride. My sister Laura and I are sitting on this brick wall that is about as tall as Caitlyn is, and Caitlyn is pretty tall for being 3 years old. So Caitlyn decides that she is going to climb up to sit next to Mommy and RJ. So we ask if she wants help, but like all good 3 year olds she denied the need for help, so Mommy put her leg out for her and she scaled the wall. So once she got up there Aunt Jenna asked her “So what will your next act be?” Caitlyn without missing a beat says to her “Juggling!” and then pretends to juggle with her hands. I LOST it. I start laughing, Jenna is laughing, Mommy is laughing, Grammy is laughing I’m pretty sure anyone within earshot is giggling. Later on I tell my wife that I’m sure this is Granddad’s doing because my Dad aka Granddad has a) great comedic timing and b) is always making jokes about juggling and often will pick up things and juggle.

This kid is too much. So when it’s our turn to go we get on the carriage and start our adventure. Anna asked Caitlyn a couple of trivia questions and Caitlyn who has seen the movie oh I don’t know a few hundred times at this point answered the questions and won two lollipops (as if this kid needs more sugar after trick or treating last night!). We finished our ride and Caitlyn of course wanted to go again, but we had to explain that other people were waiting for their turn. We had so much fun and I was really glad I went.

I was worried I wasn’t going to feel well enough to go. I wore a jacket because the blood thinners make me cold, but to see Caitlyn’s eyes light up was awesome. I got to hear RJ giggle as we rode the streets. We laughed and talked and just had fun and laughter is the best medicine sometimes. There are so many times I have to say no I can’t go because of this reason or that but today, I got to go!


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