Don’t you dare die!

Yesterday I saw 2 of my doctors. The first on I saw was my neurologist. I never thought I would need a neurologist but after my first back surgery I started to get terribly carsick. The worst part of this carsickness is that once I got carsick it would linger until I went to bed. So I said this to my back surgeon who wrote me 2 different referrals, one was to an ENT and one was to a neurologist. So I made appointments with both hoping that one would figure out what was going on. So the ENT took a look and told me everything looked fine and then the audiologist looked at me and I recognized her and said to her I’ve been to you before. Sure enough I had been referred to her for the same problems after I had been under general anesthesia after my knee surgery in 2008. So she did the tests on me and then she pulled my medical files from 2008 and they were the same. So she said to me I don’t think this is your ears, I think this might be neurological. I told her I had an appointment with a neurologist too. So she told me to let them weigh in on the matter, but if I needed to do a tilt table test again I knew where to find her and I laughed and go OH I HOPE NOT!!! I had gotten so terribly SICK when she did that to me before!

So I went to the neurology appointment and he said that when I am put under general anesthesia the tubes that go from my ears to my brain gets messed up. One tube gets over dilated and the other gets under dilated and if they are even .1 off it causes vertigo, nausea, and balance problems. So I am on medication now to combat the problem, well when I had surgeries 2 and 3 as you can imagine another dose of anesthesia and yup those symptoms came back, so we adjusted the medication. I also told him of my mild concussion I suffered since I last saw him and the trip to the hospital. He told me I lead a dangerous life…I told him I didn’t think I did, but I guess if you heard those stories I could see where you would think I did…and then he asked about how the spinal chord stimulator worked so I pulled out my wand and showed him how I turned it on and off.

Primary Care Doctor appointment was the one I was waiting for because the Primary Care doctor and I have seen each other for many years now so we have a good patient/doctor relationship. So to hear that I almost died he was not pleased. Not to say that anyone was pleased to hear that, I mean the neurologist was also not pleased to hear that information and he just met me this year. People like me, I’m funny I enjoy life, I like to bring joy to other people’s lives, etc. So the nurse comes out and she asks how I am doing and she acts like I am a China Doll. Which I think is kind of funny because I am tough, I mean I survived a saddle pulmonary embolism! I know she was showing empathy and please hear me when I like the nurse, she does an excellent job I just found it funny when she was treating me with just delicate hands. So she gets the story for the 2nd time because my wife had gone in to get FLMA paperwork filled out last week so they had heard the story from my wife already. So I tell my version of the events plus some extra stuff that my wife wasn’t there for like what the doctors said when she was at work, etc. Told them my INR was 2.8 this week (which my INR needs to be between 2.0-3.0), that stuff. Then in walks my doctor and he smiled when he asked me how I was. I looked at him and I go oh well you know better then when I was being transported by AMBULANCE to the Hospital, oh and better than when not 1, not 2 but THREE doctors told me I should be DEAD right now. Like really??!! I’m OBVIOUSLY still alive, like why are you going to look at me and go I really don’t understand why you are alive??? Maybe you aren’t the doctor that should be taking care of me, go back and find one that does understand why I am alive I want that doctor! He chuckled at that one because of course I am being just a little over dramatic for him 😉 He said that he saw the scan and I did have a very large blood clot and he is very happy that I am still alive and he really doesn’t want me to die on him. I told him that I really don’t want to die on him so we are in agreeance on that one! But we got a plan going for treatment and a lot of this is a marathon, the blood clot is huge, we have to give the body time to dissolve it, blood thinners take time. So we are going to keep me on the blood thinner, I am going to keep going to the clinic to have my INR checked and he’s going to keep an eye on me. We’re going to do repeat tests and scans in 6 months to compare with what was taking in the hospital and then make a new plan.


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