Wandering Wife…oh wait that’s me!

So I tried to give my wife a heart attack. I wasn’t actively trying to give my wife a heart attack, but it happened. My cellphone was dead, so I put it on the charger. I walked across the street to my neighbor’s house to tell her that I am alright, check in with her. I left our house at 11am and walked over. Our neighbor has back issues like I do and she just has neck surgery recently. So she and I talked and talked and then all the sudden it was 3:30pm! So I said to her I really need to go home and get some lunch! So I open the door and I see my Mother in Law’s car parked in our driveway. So I say umm my Mother in Law is here, so I really need to go!

I opened the door and yelled hi to my Mother in Law, and she was on her cellphone and I could hear her say I found her, she was at the neighbor’s house! I immediately guessed she was looking for me and talking to my wife. I didn’t realize I was missing. So I walked over to the driveway and very quickly picked up on the fact that my wife after not being able to get a hold of me all day long got concerned that something bad happened to me. So she called her mother to please go to our house to check on me.

So her mother gets to the house and finds the house dark and finds that I am not there. So after checking the house she informs Jenna that I am not at the house, but my purse is, and Jenna leaves work to come home. So when I come out of the neighbor’s house Jenna and her mom are talking and when her mom passes the phone to me, I can hear the relief in my wife’s voice to hear that I am alright. I apologize and explain that a) I didn’t mean to give her a scare b) my cellphone was on the charger c) I only meant to be gone for 20 minutes, not 4 hours.

I gave her a big hug and lots of kisses when she got home. We have laid down some new ground rules like anytime I leave the house I am to have my cellphone. I am very blessed to have a wife who loves me very much and a very supportive family!


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