Oh why won’t you NAP already??

So before I was whisked away by ambulance and told I should be dead, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Well apparently I did have pneumonia and I guess with the changing of the seasons, the up and down temperatures the pneumonia doesn’t want to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Today I have been battling a very mucusy cough which is gross, but I have to watch it carefully because a mucusy cough with blood in it can be a sign of a pulmonary embolism and since we already know I have one, we want to make sure that I don’t get another, or it decides to move or anything else. So all day I have had this awful cough and have felt like death.

So this afternoon I laid down to take a nap, but as soon as I lay down I am WIDE awake. WHY??? I mean really? Come on people! I just want to sleep even 20 minutes, just a short nap and I would be happy. I don’t have to sleep a long time. I think that is the most frustrating feeling when you know you are tired, you feel tired and as soon as you lay down all the sudden you are wide awake as if laying your body down on the bed was the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of coffee or 1 Dr. Pepper 10….(that’s a story for another blog)

So I laid on the bed with my eyes closed I tried counting sheep, even the sheep are laughing at me. 1..2..stop laughing!..3..4..come on…5..6..oh forget this! So I open my eyes and I think what else can I do….so I start focusing on my breathing and then I decide my breathing sounds annoying and then I decided that I just needed to get up because whatever I tried was just not going to work.

Then I started wondering if I am the only one who can lay down and have their own sheep laugh at them when they are trying to count them? I mean could you imagine if you could see into other people’s dreams and they had sheep laughing at them too? We could start a sheep counter help group lesson 1 how to get them to stop laughing…..

Actually if the coughing would stop I would be much happier than a laughing counting sheep! hehe

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