Let’s have a little fun!

So the leaves are falling and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees today. Like really?? The leaves are beautiful shades of reds, oranges and yellows and the temperature is 80! I think Mother Nature doesn’t want to let summer go!

The bunny likes the cat, the cat doesn’t like the bunny…well that’s not quite accurate the cat doesn’t like the bunny when he is out of the cage. So today I got the bunny out of his cage and he sneaked up on her and she JUMPED straight up in the air. I LAUGHED. All he did was nudged her a little on her butt with his nose. I mean just a little tap. I think it might have been a love tap, a playful tap. Creme on the other hand did not appreciate this show of love.

Oh how I enjoy the animals. They bring me so much joy. Today I am in pain. I have an awful cough that I am taking prescription cough syrup every 4 hours for, I didn’t sleep well, and my back is bothering me. I am hoping I can nap later, but we’ll see. Life with chronic pain is no joke.

I also need to charge my butt later.

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