Swimming in my shirt….

So in the last year I’ve lost 53.8lbs. I’ve been working very hard at losing weight and keeping it off. So this morning I put on this blue shirt that my Mom bought me as a birthday shirt, the problem with said shirt is that it’s now about 3 sizes too big for me. So I said to Mom that I am swimming in my shirt, she laughed and told me she agreed. But I LOVE MY SHIRT!! I know it’s just a shirt, but it’s PRETTY! I should put it in the pile for giveaway send it to a new home, and release it into the universe for a new woman to enjoy. Maybe after it goes in the washer I will release it because after looking at myself in the mirror today I realized that I really need to put it in the donation pile. It’s a beautiful shirt, but it’s time in my collection is over.

I went to the back surgeon today and my x-rays looked good. I went to the clinic and got my blood tested and my INR was still within level at 2.0 but just barely. So I got some work there, but I got this.

One more doctor visit to go this week. I have just the clinic visit next week so far, not sure what I am going to do with myself when I don’t have a doctor’s appt, I mean it seems like I’ve been seeing 2 doctors a week since I’ve gotten out of the hospital.

I’m also going to start working on that comedy routine, one day I’ll perform!

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