You know I have this blood clot….

So you know how people will use some excuse for like weeks, well last night my wife is like you are going to use your blood clot for everything right? And I go maybe. Like sorry I couldn’t polish the sliver you know you I have this blood clot….I was going to fold laundry but I have this blood clot. I would have read that book, but you know I have this blood clot…..So of course she goes wait…you can’t read because you have a blood clot? Sure why not!

I’m just being silly of course! I am not happy that I got a blood clot, but now that I have the blood clot I gotta make the best of it! I’m taking the medicines, I’m going to the appointments. A lot changes are being made and my leg is getting weaker and I’m learning how to walk with a cane. Which I don’t like, but I’m keeping a comedic attitude and smiling and laughing, but not too much because you know I have this blood clot! Actually laughing too hard is hard on my lungs. Sometimes you just have to laugh.


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