New purse

So I used to not be a purse wielding type of gal. One Christmas I was upset with my grandmother for thinking I was actually. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, or maybe just older….I started carrying around a purse. I think part of it is that I just have more CRAP. I mean when you are younger you don’t have much to carry with you. Then you get your driver’s license, then comes the credit card. Then comes the loyalty card to every store you have ever stepped foot into or even walked past, I mean have I even stepped foot into that store? Maybe once WHY do I have a loyalty card? Am I even LOYAL to them? Oh wait I remember there was that cashier who looked at me with their sad brown eyes and asked pretty please on that one day back in 2001…yes that’s why I have that card and I keep it in my wallet in the off chance that I MIGHT decide to walk back into that store. Doesn’t matter that I have not in the last 14 years walked back into that store, nor thought about that store unless I was cleaning my wallet, but what if I decide on some cold windy day to breeze back in there, I want to be prepared!

Actually what had happened is this! So I have this serious kind of deadly allergy to Lysol. Yes, you read that right Lysol as in the cleaning product. I am allergic to clean. I will die if you spray it near me, I go into anaphylaxis so I have to carry around an Epipen. Well I also have to carry around an inhaler because yeah my lungs suck and I have asthma, well I also now carry around the wand to turn my spinal cord stimulator on and off so by the time you put those items in my small purse the thing is almost full. Well then you gotta add my wallet with the loyalty cards from every store that I have ever passed since 2001 and I have to have a few mints in case I get nauseous plus the lip balm, the eyeglass cloth and my keys and yeah the purse is busting at the seems. So my beautiful wife bought me a new purse today.

So we go and we’re shopping for a new purse while her car gets a much needed oil change. Well we don’t want to get a really big purse for me because I don’t want to carry around more than I should, but I want to have room for all those things I need like every loyalty card from 2001. So we actually found a purse that has 2 compartments so I can put the Epipen, inhaler and wand in one, and then the wallet and everything else in the other which is perfect. I am really happy and its only a little bigger than what I had which is exactly what we were going for. I actually found what I wanted…I think we need to play the lottery!

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