One potato, two potato

So with the blood thinners I am having to change how I am eating which is fine. I mean I am so grateful to be alive. We used to eat a lot of high vitamin K foods like brussel sprouts, spinach, spring mix, collard greens, etc. So now I am having to move away from eating those foods in high quantities but keeping with my high fiber diet. Which is cool. We ate cauliflower, and I roasted it with the chicken. Today I am slow cooking a pork loin with verde sauce and put a couple potatoes in there too just because I could.

Then I started thinking about how kids don’t play games like hot potato any more. We are just so focused on games that have to teach kids stuff. What ever happened to just letting kids PLAY? I love just playing with my 3 year old niece. Watching her pretend she is a zebra or a cheetah or a doctor or maybe she’s a monster. One day she was a monster and she was scaring Grammy so I had to protect Grammy so I would chase the monster and protect Grammy. We had so much fun just playing.


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