Triple threat

So yesterday I got to spend time with my favorite 3 year old. My niece and I have a lot of fun together. She is definitely too smart for her own good! Mom bought triple chocolate brownie mix for me to make with her because she loves to cook and bake and we want to encourage that. I mean I love watching MasterChef junior and I think if Caitlyn wants to cook and bake we should encourage her to do so under appropriate adult supervision.

So before we could make the brownies Mom and Laura were making stuffing and Laura was chopping mushrooms to add and Caitlyn asked to help with the mushrooms and Laura said no because she was trying to hurry up to get dinner in the oven. I told Caitlyn I would help her cut a mushroom, so we got a plate, a mushroom and a butter knife (it is a mushroom after all!) So we went into the dining room and she sat down and she cut the mushroom by herself with me watching her to make sure she didn’t cut her fingers. I also taught her where the blade of the knife was and showed her how to properly hold the mushroom to cut it. Let’s be real she cut it into chunky uneven pieces, but she did it herself. She was really happy when she got some chunks broken off. She proudly carried the plate back into the kitchen to show Momma. Then asked to do another one, so we got another one. She did better on the 2nd one, she got the concept down better. I know she can’t always help, but when there is someone there who can help her why not?

So dinner gets in the oven and Caitlyn and I take over the kitchen so we can make triple chocolate brownies. This kid has got this down. She pours in the oil, she pours in the water, she cracks the egg. I make sure no shell gets in the bowl (hey why ruin good brownies with eggshells?). We also put in the chocolate fudge packet. After getting most of it in there, I squeezed a bit on my finger and let her lick it off, I mean you gotta enjoy making them right? I let her stir them first and this girl has a good arm on her, she gets a good start and then I finish up. Then we pour them into the pan. Then we have to wait. Well waiting as you can imagine is hard for a 3 year old and with the good brand it takes 45 minutes! So she keeps going into the kitchen and checking, nope not yet. Honey we set the timer, when the timer beeps we’ll check them. Are they ready yet? Luckily eating dinner helped distract her for part of the time!

We ate the brownies after dinner with some vanilla ice cream and they were good, but Caitlyn after all that hard work and all that waiting said she wanted to play on Momma’s phone instead so I said I was going to eat her brownie for her, so I got up and I started walking and she grabbed my leg and goes “NO AUNT JENN!” And I laugh and go “I’m going to the kitchen to make my own and she goes “OKAY!” We all started LAUGHING! Hey at least she learned to protect her food! There are so few days were I have any energy to do things like this I was really glad I had the energy yesterday.


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