Curse you…..SHOWER….

So normal activities you don’t really think about until you have an injury that prevents you from just doing them. Well for me there are lots of activities now that I have had to rethink how I do them. One of these is the shower. After the first surgery I had neurological issues stemming from the anesthesia which caused balance issues along with vertigo and nausea. Oh yeah that was a LOT of fun…NOT! So we installed a balance bar, which is not to be confused with regular support bars. A balance bar cannot support weight on it, it is simply there for me to touch/hold while I take a shower to provide my brain for a reference point otherwise my brain gets confused and I fall backwards or get dizzy or other fun things.

Well this morning that wasn’t the issue, today it was the water hitting my nerve spot on my leg. Yes the water was working against me which as you imagine water is a pretty big part of taking a shower. I mean if I didn’t have water running I would look pretty silly in the shower stall. So I had to keep strategically moving so the water wasn’t hitting my nerve spot while trying to keep a hand on the balance bar while washing my hair…umm yeah…I did not try out for cirque du soleil for a variety of reasons. So in my efforts of trying to keep from having seering hot nerve pain, falling backwards, protecting my back, washing my hair, the water starts to get cold because oh yeah I can’t have the water too hot or else the other nerves act up…okay maybe I really didn’t want a shower today, but I’m so close to being done that I’m not stopping now, plus I already have half my head shampooed so there’s no turning back now! So we turned the water up a bit trying to find the right temperature again, and then go back to my balancing act.

I wish this was a once in awhile event, but anyone with chronic pain will tell you this is an everyday, every task event. You learn to adjust, you learn to get creative, but you learn you have to give up more energy to do the simplest of tasks. I mean right now I could use a nap and basically I took a shower and got dressed. I try everyday to get dressed no matter how bad I feel because it gives me some sense of normal in my world because with all these increased doctors appointments and changes in routines right now life doesn’t feel normal. Not that I’m sure I really  know what normal is, but I like to pretend!


2 thoughts on “Curse you…..SHOWER….

  1. alexandrarae90

    My struggle is wanting to sit down the shower because it’s a little more comfortable but I have to remind myself that I may very well be stuck sitting there for a lot longer than I want because the effort of standing up exhausts me to the point of wanting a nap too. The struggle is real! Xo

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